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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Dry Bones Blues Review financial report June 20, 2011 and commentary
     The Dry Bones Blues (festival) Review was held this past Sunday at the Bethel Hotel Men’s shelter Chapel at the Union Gospel Mission on Father’s day, June 20, 2011.   The union Gospel Mission is at 435 University Avenue, The event was from noon until 6:00 P.M. in St Paul Minnesota
      Echo Street, Big River Blues Band, Detroit Don King Blues Band, The RubbaBluesBand (one word), Dee Miller Blues Band, and Four On The floor played to 70 registered (documented attendance) to a hundred homeless men/women  and a few good and generous stalwart community Blue music lovers.  We had 30 musicians perform during the event.  Minnesota Blues Music Society Had a display
     Music patrons who donated generously the day of the event in the amount of $207.00 dollars to help match a community organizational planning project grant (COPP) from Dan Bostrom $500.00 and the St. Paul City Council. Former Council member Karl Neid $100.00, Joanne Tromaczak-Neid, neighborhood music patron Donna Brown $125.00, St. Paul School Board Member John Brodrick $100.00, Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Community outreach grant 150.00, Karen Palm Minnesota Music Café Payne Avenue,  door prizes of $150.00 from (Sandy) at Burger King  Arcade $58.00. Maryland Avenue, (Dan) Magnolias Restaurant 35.00, (Angie) Dari-ette Drive Inn $30.00, (Kevin& Joe) Cub Foods 25.00
Each of 5 Bands were paid $200.00 by check (5x200=$1000.00).  Drummers for RBB ( Rick B. Tommy P) were paid cash   ($25.00each =50.00) out of gate receipts  further  Tom Hilber, Zeke B. and Dan E. were also later paid cash 50.00 each for playing guitar for RBB during the day of the event.  DAPC  DBBR acct. paid out 69.15 to the Good Guys for sound equipment repairs prior to the event taking place.  We have an outstanding bill of $132.00 at Good Guys for sound equipment repair which will be paid by community Planner out of pocket expense.
 Flyers, posters and news releases were internet emails; web site ( text messages, and sponsors web sites announcements, church bulletins were utilized to promote the event. Family Place Shelter , Naomi Women’s Shelter,  Emma Norton women’s Shelter, Mary Hall, Listening Center, Dorothy Day Center , AA Clubs, Christ Recovery Center were all invited to participate in the event.  A Television production (Lemmy O Show channel 17 cable access) was tape and aired Thursday June 9th with Al B. Ware hosting program planner for the Dry Bones with Tom Hilber and featuring a fifteen minute segment with Mikil Louis from Star Time Band.  History of Dry Bones displayed at the event.
                                                        Special Thanks

 North East Neighborhood Development Corporation printing computer time, Past/current support Kendall at Ace Hardware, Melissa at Anthony Louis, Mike Smith Guitar Center Roseville, and Ken Douglas SOS Social Club tickets and, belatedly, to Mikil Louis for keeping the live music live!!!!!
                                                         Sad Note to add…
     Sadly Mikil Louis Passed away the day before the Dry Bones (6.18, 2011) event was to be held. Mikil was a performer /promoter and good musician known to many St. Paul musicians. Mikil (Mickey MaCalab). Another blues man gone home!